GET Yours
GREEN it the Computer Fix Pro (CFP) way!
to the 100%
Don't -> throw away, waste money, brainwashed into a new computer setup
get your trick with a CFP refurbish
really, that piece of s%^&t is FINE
no part of throw-away society -- feel good
keep it out of landfill and in your home for YEARs will -> FIX it UP better than NEW!
don't give your $ to those FAT cats (give CFP all of it!)
NO need for -> trendy OS like VISTA [and upcoming VIENNA, you didn't KNOW?]
CFP refurbish will be -> secure, fast never a bad day
as long as YOU don't  
#@!]?  it up..., no cry babies
cfp-refurbish-poster001004.jpg cfp-refurbish-poster001003.jpg cfp-refurbish-poster001002.jpg
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